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Interview with - Coen Beck, aka "Coen the Butcher" - Salohcin Clothing

Coen and her boyfriend Nicholas Ball have an amazing and creative clothing line featuring Metal Music, and will be showcasing some of their best items at Metal in The Mountains.

What is the story behind your name?

The name comes from one of my favorite bands, "Butcher Babies", fronted by two female lead singers.

We have a clothing line, Nick, had an idea, and he started it just for fun, and within the first year it was more successful than we expected. All of our designs are 100% original. We get local artists to hand draw our designs, or they do it digitally, it puts a lot originality into everything we do.

Nick and I are a really good team, we work well together, we see things from different ways, and this helps us solve problems and create new ideas together. We are very level headed, no arguing, we both want the best for our business. We both love music so much, music in general, bands, concerts and shows, We have been at every end of the spectrum, mosh pit, back stage, side stage, small venue, huge venue with 100,000 people. I feel it's our calling to be involved in the scene, we are really grateful.

We had our two year anniversary party of January this year for our clothing business - we brought in some great bands that people haven't seen.

Modeling? This was something that I always wanted to do. I started my pubic figure page on FB, and then had photographers contact me and want to work with me. One of the magazines I was in was Editorial Magazine, it was a milk bath photo shoot, really light, white water, like an endless pool of water, very mermaidish. That was very different. I want to step out of my box, and do some creative things.

I've done horror, gore, hot rod, motorcycles, and cars, I try and do something different every time I shoot. I have a lot of awesome supporters and friends who really influence me to do better and do more. Of course I love doing this, but if I didn't have any support, it wouldn't be any fun. I'm going to go out and give it my best.

Recently, I have started doing promotional material for bands, helping them share their music with others who may not have heard of them before. Started interviewing bands, Three Days Grace, In Flames, Motionless in White, and more, with a lot of awesome opportunities

I write for BAH, Beast and the Harlot Magazine - they are based out of California - feature all kinds of music, alternative rock, metal, 90's grunge. If you are interested in music, you're definitely want to check them out. I've been doing that about 2 years now. Nick is a photographer for Side Stage Magazine based out of DC, and they cover the same kind of bands, so one magazine for each coast.

Busy life? So surreal, I couldn't ask for anything more. On top of doing all the events, and the clothing line, the modeling - we both have full time jobs.

Most interesting event? Halloween party! It was a, Silohcin clothing event, we had three different bands there. The response was incredible, costume required - everyone behaved themselves.

What would you like to share with people? Don't be shy, I'm very talkative and outgoing and always excited about meeting new people and make new friends. Even if you don't want to buy anything, just come and talk to me! Come over and check us out and I'll explain what's going on, and what we have to offer. We are local and we are pouring our heart and soul into this business. We have new designs all the time! Check out our website when you get a chance. When you order online, we always includes lots of free surprises about music and bands.

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